Waza Shotokan Karate of Las Vegas, maintaining the “Tradition of Excellence!”

Waza Shotokan Karate Las Vegas is family oriented and is one of the few traditional Dojos to offer Shotokan Karate training in Las Vegas. Our belief is to offer a strong foundation of traditional teachings that allows our students to develop character, self esteem, and discipline. At Waza Shotokan Karate Las Vegas students learn traditional Shotokan karate-do along with real world self defense. Training consists primarily of Kihon (basic techniques practice), Kata (forms practice), and Kumite (progressive levels of sparring and self defense).

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With the help of the instructors, some positive feedback, and one on one help all your martial arts goals will be achieved. Our basic fundamentals are very important and always come first before any competition or sport training. Once a student has a general grasp of our basic system we encourage them to venture forward and apply what they have learned to our more intense but exciting classes for tournament training!