About Waza Shotokan Karate

3 Generations of KaratekaWaza Shotokan Karate Las Vegas was established to provide a Traditional Training Environment for Shotokan Karate, and over all fitness for it’s students in the Las Vegas area. The founding Instructors of this dojo are 3 Generations of Karateka and dedicated 100% to the martial arts fitness center they have worked so hard to build, so they will always have time for every student. You will never have to worry about our instructors availability as this is their number one priority.

Waza Shotokan Las Vegas maintains “A Tradition of Excellence” and maintains the highest standards not only in the level of instruction and the principles of Budo (Japanese term describing modern Japanese martial arts. Literally translated it means the “Martial Way”), but also of its students.

History of Shotokan

Gichin Funakoshi was born around 1868 in Shuri, Okinawa. While in elementary school, he became friends with Anko Asato’s son and eventually began to train under Asato in Okinawan karate. Later, Funakoshi would also train under Shorin-ryu master Anko Itosu.

Interestingly, Funakoshi never actually named the fighting style that he refined from Itosu and Asato’s teachings, just preferring to call it karate. But when he started a dojo in 1936, his pen name of shoto (meaning pine waves) was used along with the term kan (house) by his students to erect a sign above the entrance to the establishment that said Shotokan.

The Legacy of Gichin Funakoshi and Yoshitaka Funakoshi

Beyond building the foundation of Shotokan, Gichin served as an ambassador of karate, eventually helping to popularize it through public demonstrations and by working to bring it to karate clubs and universities. However, his development of the philosophical points or foundations tied to the style called the Twenty Precepts of Karate or Niju kun is perhaps what he’s best known for.